Müeller Spiral-Pro Professional 4-Blade Spiralizer Review

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On 15th July 2016
Last modified:15th July 2016


A great addition to the spiralizer roster. The design takes robustness and practicality to another level and the results speak for themselves. Easy to deal with and a lifetime warranty.

A couple of years back you might have thought that spiralizers were just another craze, and it would die out once all the raw foodies had vanished off the face of the internet taking their scrumptious instagrammed dinners with them. However, it seems that healthy eating and exercise is here to stay, and indeed stronger than ever. Curiously it is all thanks to the internet that we now want to get off the internet, stop being sedentary, start moving, and eating healthily.

As such, the spiralizer is still in great demand, and we will be reviewing the new wave of spiralizers on this blog! We will start off by looking at the Müeller Spiral-Pro Professional 4-Blade Spiralizer, which sees itself as being somewhat the Rolls Royce spectrums of spiralizers, so expectations are riding high on this one.


As you can see from the picture, the spiralizer has quite a chunky, robust look to it, and is simply commanding some good veg-spiralizing use! The first impressions are sturdiness but also compactness, so you won’t need to make up too much extra space in your kitchen to store or use this spiralizer effectively.

Like any spiralizer of this design, you are going to be attaching the vegetable for processing onto the handle spikes at one end, and the corer on the other. Turning the handle feeds the vegetable through the blade to slice it according to your preference. Mueller have put efforts in to ensure that not too much vegetable gets wasted in the corer, it is relatively small compared to other spiralizers, and you will therefore maximise the amount of food and nutrients processed through this device.

The part that everyone is interested in is those blades! First of all, the quality is very convincing, not least the blades are kept on rails which are very easy to handle when placing in, securing and taking out of the spiralizer. Essentially there are three blades on offer that carry out long strand cuts, ranging from angel hair width (1mm or so) through to chip cut in thickness. The fourth blade is more suitable for accordion cut eg. thin wide twisty shapes. In terms of what you would need specifically from a spiralizer, this essentially covers all bases, so you can enjoy your spiralized salads and side-dishes, or incorporate new textures into cooked dishes. Innovation with minimal effort.

All that aside, just look how neat the Mueller spiralizer is when it packs down:


Perfect for stowing away in cupboards. You will see in the body of the spiralizer a clear compartment – at first I thought this might be for a horizontal shredder unit, which you sometimes see as an extra feature. In fact, it is the drawer in which you keep the blades – very useful in fact, as it saves them lying around on the kitchen counter when not in use and getting wet.

Here’s a great demonstration video where you can see the Mueller Spiral-Pro close-up:

The Müeller Spiral-Pro Professional 4-Blade Spiralizer is made from high quality plastic that ensures robustness, and the manufacturers have been confident enough to provide a lifetime warranty so you can buy with confidence. A spiralizer for life – very nice!

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