Lurch Spiralo Vegetable Spiralizer Review

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On 7th June 2015
Last modified:16th June 2015


A loyal and trusty addition to your kitchen, this device will spiralize vegetables with ease, expanding your culinary repertoire to no end!

Lurch are one of the big names in spiralizing, with their classic horizontal worktop-based spiralizer model being the rubric for many that have followed. However, that doesn’t mean they haven’t been hard at work developing alternatives to this model, of which the Lurch Spiralo Vegetable Spiralizer is a worthy contender. The grand idea of this design is that the spiralizer works vertically, a bit like the Cuisique model we looked at earlier, but retaining Lurch’s less-is-more design approach. The same sturdy plastic body, the same sharp stainless steel blades that spiralize anything in their path – it’s just a handier design for those that find spiralizing easier this way, or who have very limited space in their kitchen for another long device, as this obviously takes up less horizontal space.


Spiralizing is a great way to incorporate new flavours and textures into your dishes. If you haven’t tried many vegetables raw in your life, now is the time. They are packed full of more flavour and nutrition than their cooked counterparts, and cut into thin strips they have an attractive texture and unique mouthfeel.  That’s not to say you must eat spiralized vegetables raw – spiralizing can be a good way of saving time and effort on food preparation, giving you a quick and easy method for chopping vegetables ready to cook, or to garnish with unique and professional looking results.

However, if you look around in blogs and online cookery channels, you will see that the spiralizer is now becoming often called for, as it has opened new doors to those who want a healthier and more natural diet. A few years back, the thought of eating a meal based mainly of raw courgette was most unappetising; however now you can spiralize which makes raw vegetables a light and tasty base which can replace dull, starchy and fattening carb-based stodge in almost any meal.


The Lurch Spiralo Vegetable Sprializer itself is a doddle to use. As you would expect from Lurch, operation is efficient and quick, and just like their classic horizontal model, you get three blades for different types of cut, achieving thin and medium spaghetti style strands, and also thicker spirals. The main difference between this and the horizontal spiralizer is that, since it’s vertical, the blade doesn’t need the corer to latch onto the vegetable, instead it is propped on a spike, hence there is less wastage. And don’t worry that you’re going to be left with a mess – Lurch’s economical design means that cleaning is very easy, and practicality is a key feature with the device being easy to store away.

Spiralizers, whilst they look fairly small, are actually quite a tour de force when it comes to what they are able to accommodate sizewise. Whilst known for easily stripping down courgettes, carrots and cucumbers, they will take much harder and larger vegetables such as potatoes, beetroot, aubergine, peppers and then there’s all your fruit as well.  Obviously this will expand your cooking repertoire and willing to experiment with different ingredients to no end – whether you want to make vegetable fritters, garnishes, salads, or feel like jumping headlong into the vibrant world of raw vegan cuisine, the spiralizer will be your loyal and trusty companion.

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