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On 25th May 2015
Last modified:16th June 2015


One of the best selling spiralizers, and with good reason. This is a sturdy piece of kit that produces wonderful results.

The spiralizer market in Europe is bright and healthy thanks to the German company Lurch, who present the 10203 model spiralizer. In a distinctive green and white colour scheme, this spiralizer employing the traditional horizontal mechanism promises spaghetti and spiral cut vegetables with minimum effort.


Readers may already be questioning why replace their simple graters and chopping boards with this apparently more elaborate device. Simple reason is that it’s a great time saver with jawdropping results – but also in being able to quickly dice raw vegetables, you are getting the full vitamin benefits from the vegetables in their uncooked form, in the most inviting and digestible presentation. If you compare eating a whole raw carrot to eating the same weight in grated carrot slices you can easily see my point. So the spiralizer elegantly takes the work out of quickly chopping lots of vegetables by mechanically slicing hard vegetables into long strips for garnish or as a tasty meal in their own right, just by turning a handle. Once you’ve used one of these, you’ll certainly never go near a grater again. Indeed, the spiralizer is now no longer regarded as a novelty toy for homebased amateur cooks – professional kitchens are buying these at a rate in order to achieve nicely presented vegetables in the easiest possible way, and keep up with the demand for healthy cooking outside of the home.

Here’s how the Lurch spiralizer looks in action:

For those who want to get into healthy cooking, buying a spiralizer is a must. So many health recipes now make the general assumption that you have one in your kitchen, and there are even websites and books which are totally focused on cuisine oriented around the spiralizer. And with people being energy conscious right now, a device that uses no energy other than your own turning of the handle, must be highly commended. Simply put, in this day and age, if you don’t have a spiralizer gleaming on your kitchen worktop, you really are missing out!

Which brings up back to the Lurch spiralizer here. The manufacturers of this spiralizer have done all they can to make it as easy as possible for you – from the prongs to secure the vegetable in the device, to the keenly sharp stainless steel blades that provide a top class cut, to the rubber feet which keep the spiralizer rock steady on the work surface. When you are done, the spiralizer is dishwasher safe, so not only does it take the effort out of cutting vegetables, it cuts down on time spent washing up too! The Lurch spiralizer comes with three different blades so you can perfect different spaghetti thicknesses and spiral shapes.


So when you’ve got your spiralizer, what vegetables are suitable for chopping in it? The answer is pretty much any reasonably large hard vegetable or fruit that can withstand the pressure of the device and be easily fed through the blades. This encompasses a range of fruit and vegetables from the obvious such as zucchini, potatoes, cucumbers and carrots, to apples, pears and radishes – however even cabbage, onions, celery, beetroot, and aubergines are known to work – just give it a try and see! The manufacturers also inform us that you can even get results from particular cheeses and dried meats – so for salads you can get virtually the whole delicatessen in there! 🙂

Simply put, the Lurch spiralizer will give you a bounty of ways to incorporate healthy eating into your live and prep up your existing meals with tasty vegetable strips. Go here to read more and get the spiralizer at the cheapest price!

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