iPerfect Kitchen Envy Spiral Slicer – Review Vegetable Spiralizer

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On 4th June 2015
Last modified:16th June 2015


One of the most popular items on this site, a handy and versatile spiral vegetable slicer, which represents excellent value for money.

Spiralizers come in quite a few shapes and sizes these days, and whilst the classic horizontal worktop model is the first thing that comes into people’s minds, this is by no means the be all and end all of vegetable spiral slicing. The iPerfect Kitchen Envy Spiral Slicer is one such spiralizing device that puts a twist on the standard model, but one that kitchenware consumers have revelled in as it has been flying off the shelves and keeping internet retailers very busy indeed.


But what is the spiralizer trend all about, and why should we all be getting hold of one? There are many good answers to this question, with the main one being that they help in the assistance of preparing vegetable dishes in the most nutritious way. Whilst cooking hard vegetables has been the common practice since what seems like the dawn of time, there are reports that cooking in fact decreases the nutritional value of the veggies on your plate. Thus we have seen the rise of the raw foods movement, which uses creative food preparation methods in order to make meals composed entirely of raw vegetables, whilst still being tasty and easy to eat. In general though, we are more conscious in this century about health foods, and that the amount of fast and processed food being pushed on to consumers in the late 20th century has led to a Western population that is obese and frail of health, all due to poor dietary choices.

The spiralizer can reverse this descent with a way to prepare vegetables in a jiffy that leads to light meals that are satiating and also low in carbs. No more plates of pasta sending your blood sugar on a roller coaster, instead you can make vegetable spaghetti which is packed full of nutrients and will make you a healthier and more energetic person over time. To use the iPerfect Kitchen spiralizer, all you need to do is feed in your vegetable, twist it around and then out comes long shreds of cut up vegetable. It really is that easy. If you can sharpen a pencil, you can use this. And whilst we like banging on the health drums here, you can nonetheless use this vegetable slicer for preparing vegetables for all sorts of purposes prior to frying or cooking, not just cold salads and garnishes.


You will have gathered that the iPerfect Kitchen Envy Spiral Slicer is a bit different to the standard spiralizers out there. It is handheld for starters, which means that you don’t have to find a spare section of worktop upon which to use it. Just hover over a bowl, feed in your vegetable, turn and it’s done. And don’t think that just because it’s a small unit that it can’t handle big vegetables – to the contrary, that is what it is designed for, finely cutting up vegetables that would otherwise be a chore to perform.


Overall, this is a very handy tool for those who want to spiralize vegetables but are lacking space or need something that is practical when on the move. The iPerfect Kitchen Envy Spiral Slicer does the job perfectly – get it here.

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