Hemsley + Hemsley Spiralizer Review

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On 3rd June 2015
Last modified:16th June 2015


You know that the Hemsley sisters are going to deliver the goods and indeed they do, with a very high quality spiralizer package.


You have probably heard of Hemsley + Hemsley already. If you haven’t, they are Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley, two sisters from London that are online celebrities in the cooking world. Their style of cookery is modern and fun, yet hands-on and back-to-basics, often with the sought after health twist, and they can be found dispersing their seeds of thoughtful wisdom all over blogs, youtube and social media with their bright smiles and colourful outfits. However their engagement has branched out into the physical world, with a well acclaimed cookery book “The Art of Eating Well” climbing up the book charts, and launching their own brand of spiralizer. Let it be said that if you buy the book, you’ll probably want to buy the spiralizer as well, since it will be of great benefit to be able to properly execute the recipes in the book.


It has to be said that the Hemsley sisters clearly have their presentation and design laser focused for bright and appealing sales, and even down to the smart design of the spiralizer’s packaging box, it is begging out to be bought. The Hemsley + Hemsley spiralizer isn’t just a sales gimmick though, it is a spiralizer of the top order, following very closely in the footsteps of the Lurch and Spiralz designs. The vegetable slicer is made from strong recyclable plastic, and comes with three different blades for achieving varying types of cuts, ranging from ribbon thickness to fine spaghetti. And keeping things compact, you don’t need to have blades lying around the place – they can simply be stored in the unit’s housing for whenever you need them next.


So you might be wondering what you can do with the spiralizer. Having a machine to hand that can very quickly slice up vegetables saves a lot of work in the kitchen, and most importantly of all, can make meals more nutritious. All you need to do is take a raw firm fruit or vegetable such as a courgette, carrot, squash, or any of the dozens of alternatives, affix it to the prongs in the unit, and turn the handle to make light and easy work of your vegetable chopping. Raw vegetables carry more nutrition than their cooked counterparts, and have an attractive crunchy texture that can be enjoyed in salads, vegetable spaghetti, sushi, or as garnish or base to any sort of dish or soup. It doesn’t stop there though, as you can of course take your spiralizer vegetables and cook, marinade, or pickle them – the possibilities are truly endless.

Here is a nice little feature from the Hemsley sisters ending with a truly mouthwatering vegetable pasta in sauce at the end (what they are calling ‘courgetti’) – showcasing what is really possible with the spiralizer:

This smartphone countryside idyll aside, perhaps you or your family are not fans of vegetables, full stop – the spiralizer is a great converter, making veg far more appealing and easier to eat. And if you are following any diet that requires low carb, low gluten, a raw foods philosophy, or indeed anything from the Hemsley kitchen, the Hemsley + Hemsley Spiralizer is going to be a tool you wouldn’t able to do without.

As ever, for the best prices and speedy delivery, we recommend acquiring the Hemsley + Hemsley Spiralizer from the Amazon UK store, with the product available via this link.

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