Cuisique Premium Spiralizer – Definitive Review

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On 27th May 2015
Last modified:16th June 2015


A very versatile piece of kitchenware, it's your one-stop-shop for spiralizing, juicing, grating and more!

Spiralizers are turning up in different shapes and sizes these days, ranging from multipurpose powerhouses that clamp lengthwise on your worktop, to unpretentious handheld variants that do the job with minimum fuss. It was surely time that someone brought along a spiralizer that worked vertically – and this is indeed the case with this model from Cuisique.


The spiralizer has been an exciting development in modern food preparation, providing a convenient solution to increasing the nutritional value of what we are eating, and conforming to various health diets that advocate use of raw vegetables in place of processed food that is clearly doing us no good. Being able to prepare raw veg in a simple manner such as in thin strips, spirals or spaghetti shapes, makes it easier to incorporate into dishes and eat. Once you have got the hang of the spiralizer you will wonder how you ever did without it, as it is also great for carrying out chopping work for salads and regular heat based cookery. See those healthy option vegetable chips at your health food store going for an extortionate amount per bag – you can go most of the way towards making these for yourself with the help of the humble spiralizer.

The concept for this spiralizer is similar to that of a blender, with blades to cut up the vegetable and let gravity to do the rest. And this is an important distinction that makes for an interesting selling point with the Cuisique spiralizer – there is a large receptacle at the base of the device to hold the end result of your spiralizing efforts. Spiralizing using other devices works perfectly well, but in terms of catching everything in a bowl as you go along, it’s not always a precise art form.


Whilst tidiness might be one selling point, much can also be said for the sheer versatility of this spiralizer. For those who need fruit and vegetables prepared quickly in all sorts of ways, this is quite a powerful tool representing really good value for money. Of course there is the standard handle twist through a blade to achieve courgettes in spaghetti form, or apples and potatoes as spirals – if you find operating a traditional model of spiralizer to be a bind, then this may be easier as gravity is on your side helping push the vegetable through the blade, plus having the handle on the top of the device means that whether you are left or right handed, it shouldn’t make much difference being able to operate it.

However, that’s not all. The attachments which come with the Cuisique Premium Spiralizer provide more options. A grater fits on the top which is ideal for grating hard cheese; it even comes with a juicer attachment so that you can squeeze your oranges with fresh orange juice being left behind in the bottom container. Overall, Cuisique boast 8 separate uses for this device, which can replace or augment your existing kitchenware selection at the drop of a hat. It all stores away very tidily as well, with blades and attachments fitting inside the bottom unit.

For all its versatility, the cost of the Cuisique Premium Spiralizer is very reasonable, and at the time of writing is coming in at slightly under £30. This is amazing value given that you are getting, not just a spiralizer, but many appliances at once. Get it here and spiralize, chop. grate and squeeze to your heart’s delight!

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