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Müeller Spiral-Ultra 4-Blade Spiralizer – In-Depth Review!

Looking at the spiralizers on the market, you start to see certain trends developing. There are some spiralizers that emulate the classic model and just try to make it one little bit better. Others take a radically different approach to arrive at the same goal, within a surprisingly wide range of effectiveness and price. And then you have the subset of spiralizers that says “hey, I’m not just a spiralizer you know!” – it is this last category where the Müeller Spiral-Ultra 4-Blade Spiralizer undeniably sits,…

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Müeller Spiral-Pro Professional 4-Blade Spiralizer Review

A couple of years back you might have thought that spiralizers were just another craze, and it would die out once all the raw foodies had vanished off the face of the internet taking their scrumptious instagrammed dinners with them. However, it seems that healthy eating and exercise is here to stay, and indeed stronger than ever. Curiously it is all thanks to the internet that we now want to get off the internet, stop being sedentary, start moving, and eating healthily. As such, the spiralizer…

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