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Lurch Spiralo Vegetable Spiralizer Review

Lurch are one of the big names in spiralizing, with their classic horizontal worktop-based spiralizer model being the rubric for many that have followed. However, that doesn’t mean they haven’t been hard at work developing alternatives to this model, of which the Lurch Spiralo Vegetable Spiralizer is a worthy contender. The grand idea of this design is that the spiralizer works vertically, a bit like the Cuisique model we looked at earlier, but retaining Lurch’s less-is-more design approach. The same sturdy plastic body, the same…

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Lurch Spirali 10203 Vegetable Spiralizer – Reviewed Here

The spiralizer market in Europe is bright and healthy thanks to the German company Lurch, who present the 10203 model spiralizer. In a distinctive green and white colour scheme, this spiralizer employing the traditional horizontal mechanism promises spaghetti and spiral cut vegetables with minimum effort. Readers may already be questioning why replace their simple graters and chopping boards with this apparently more elaborate device. Simple reason is that it’s a great time saver with jawdropping results – but also in being able to quickly dice…

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