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What is a spiralizer?

Spiralizers are without a doubt the coolest little appliance to have in your kitchen right now. There is a very good chance you have already read about them in health and cookery magazines, or on the online blogs dedicated to healthy recipes and nutritional trends. In a brief nutshell, the spiralizer offers an amazingly neat and efficient way to thinly slice vegetables into strips, and as such has resulted in an explosion of recipes and applications that could expand your culinary repertoire.

As an example, check out what happens when you put a zucchini (or courgette) through a spiralizer:


Doesn’t that look awesome? The spiralizer has sliced the vegetable into spiral strips that resemble a kind of spaghetti, hence the name ‘zucchini pasta’ for this type of dish. Add a simple sauce and you in just a few quick moments you have a tasty light meal which is low in carbs, low in fat, easy to prepare and that doesn’t bloat you out like conventional wheat pasta does.

And it isn’t just zucchini that you can spiralize – it’s also a splendidly convenient way to grate carrots, saving time and your knuckles!


And that’s not all, you can spiralize pretty much any hard vegetable, legume or fruit, with elegantly presented and tasty results – apples, beetroots, cucumbers, potatoes for starters – just use your imagination and you can be coming up with all sorts of cooking innovations to wow yourself, family and friends!

What does it look like and how does it work?

The spiralizer is essentially a twenty-first century vegetable peeler, taking a lot of the work and unevenness out of the process of slicing veg thin and tidily. It looks like this:


(This by the way is the Lurch Spiralizer – read our great review about it here!)

The vegetable is clamped in the main unit and the handle turned. This forces the vegetable towards a rotating blade which cuts the vegetable into a thin long spiral strip. Just like this:


Looks pretty awesome doesn’t it? Hey, let’s watch a video of the spiralizer at work, explained and operated by getfitwithleyla over at Youtube (wind to about halfway to see the gadget in full action):

See, it’s pretty easy to use and gives some rather impressive results!

If you want to know what type of spiralizer was slicing vegetables effortlessly in this video, it is the excellent Paderno! You can read our review about it here!

This incidentally isn’t the only type of spiralizer or vegetable spiral cutter that you might come across, but it is the most commonly known one. There are in addition to this all sorts of designs on the market competing with the classic model or offering their own twist on the theme (pun slightly intended). Also, just because you own one particular type of spiralizer this should not necessarily restrict you to one particular shape or result from the unit – using different shapes of blade with the device will produce all manner of ribbon and spiral shapes in varying thicknesses. All in all, it’s a fun tool to experiment with, and you will already find lots of hints and tips of what works best online and in recipe books dedicated to this chic modern appliance.

Spiralizer maintenance

Spiralizers are sturdy pieces of equipment given their affordability and you should be able to enjoy a lot of use from them. A key component is the blade, made from good quality stainless steel, and where these are detachable they should be kept clean and stored somewhere safe so that they stay sharp and out of harms way. The main units, being commonly made of plastic, are very often easy to clean simply with water, and in some cases in the dishwasher. Like all kitchen appliances, treat your spiralizers well and clean thoroughly after use, and they will serve you well for a long time to come.

There’s not really a lot else to expound on this matter, the ease of keeping the spiralizer in good form and its longevity is one of its many selling points.

Benefits for raw vegans

The spiralizer really comes into its own when incorporated as part of modern dietary trends, such as the raw vegan diet. The raw vegan school of cookery does not use animal products as you would expect, but also does not condone using high temperatures to change the chemical composition of the food, working on the principle that the food will be most nutritionally rich when it is left in its natural state. However uncooked vegetables can be difficult to chew through or have unwanted flavours, which is why mainstream cookery boils, fries or steams them, in order to soften the texture and mellow the taste.

Hence those on raw vegan diets need an armoury of alternative implements to work with nature’s bold raw flavours. Food processors and blenders are great for breaking down tough vegetables, and juicers are brilliant for separating pulp and liquid for tasty fruit and vegetable drinks. However, in those cases there in not much in the way of proper solids and intriguing texture to get your teeth around – and this is where the spiralizer comes in. You can release the full flavours of the veggies and get your raw vegetables in a most munchable form, rather than having to liquidize them. So for raw vegans, where grating, cutting and chopping makes for a lot of preparation for each meal, an automated vegetable cutting device such as the spiralizer makes for light work in the kitchen.

Spiralizers help keep all of us healthy

Many of us however are not raw vegans, but still want to enjoy a balanced healthy diet, and may elect to choose some meals as being vegetable based or vegetable only. Those of us counting calories or trying to get our five a day will be considering the filling benefits of raw fruit and vegetables and their strong nutritional content, in amongst their day to day eating habits. Using a spiralizer makes for light interesting and tasty meals, which will greatly benefit those of us who struggle getting all our fruit and vegetable in.

Keeping to a strictly healthy diet can be difficult in today’s modern world, as long working hours and all manner of commitments outside of the workplace can lead to convenience food and microwave ready meals intruding into the daily menu. We know that we are not doing any favours for our bodies by eating this sort of food, but at the same time don’t have the energy or luxury of time on our hands to rustle up tasty home cooked food.

Devices like the spiralizer prove that food preparation need not be the chore that it is made out to be. In fact the time you spent munching through that raw carrot, you could have run it through the spiralizer, garnished it, and made a far more exciting meal that isn’t hard going on the jaws and teeth. The spiralizer is indeed a true time saver in the kitchen, and the small investment towards one can hopefully grow into a mindset focused on a little more effort in the kitchen for healthier rewards for you and all your family.

And what about the kids? Whilst this device is not specifically for use by them, unless very well supervised, spiralizing fruit and vegetables is great fun as the veg turn into spiral spaghetti, and the end results are far more appealing to a child’s senses than some dull greens. If your children would rather run a mile than eat a vegetable, then this might be the one solution to encourage them to pack in some vitamins and finish everything on their plate. Spiralized food is lots of fun to prepare, even more fun to eat – veg will form the bedrock of healthy meals and actually eaten, rather than pushed away to the side.

Keep up to date with culinary trends


Spiralizing isn’t just an issue of practicality – you will want to cook what is currently en vogue and in the magazines and blogs, and as such new tools arrive that help create exciting new flavours and textures, or deliver an added focus on garnish and presentation. Many modern cookery resources also singularly appeal to the health market, with consumers interested in healthy lifestyle cookery that works in tandem with their exercise plans to meet fitness goals and weight loss programs. As such, old recipes full of batter and frying in oil are falling out of favour to the more modern healthy school of thought which requires suitable kitchen devices such as air fryers, halogen ovens and of course our personal favourite, the humble vegetable spiral slicer aka the spiralizer.

At the end of the day keeping to trends is one thing, but having a good source of vegetables every day contributes significantly to healthy living, and we can’t underline the importance of this, no matter what form of diet you have decided to go for. If using a spiralizer encourages you to fit more vegetables into your diet that you would ordinarily turn your nose up at, or just not be able to accommodate otherwise, then surely that’s only a good thing.

Spiralizer recipes


Once you get your spiralizer, you will be in no shortage of awesome recipes to try out. There are even websites dedicated to meals prepared predominantly with the spiralizer – check out Inspiralized as a leading example of a whole homegrown industry revolving around the spiralizer. If the helpful tips, recipes and mouthwatering photos that are in abundance over the internet don’t inspire you to get a spiralizer for your kitchen worktop then I really don’t know what else will! There also also fabulous books emerging on the market dedicated to turning all spiralizer users into slicing pros!

It is recommended to walk before you can run with the spiralizer, and as such experienced cooks will suggest you have a few run throughs with making zucchini pasta and similar such basic dishes and build up from there, trying different vegetables, getting a hang of the devices and feeling what works for you. You can also experiment with sauces, warm or cold, that complement the flavours of the vegetables, adding meat or other protein, and incorporating the vegetable strips into soup or ramen.

And that’s not all, you can texture your strips even further with a quick blast in a food processor to make ‘vegetable rice’ or form them into patties like vegetable burgers, or even forming a vegetable base for dough-free pizza. Need a quick filling for your healthy wraps at lunchtime? The spiralizer is an obvious choice for quickly shredding a tasty selection of veg that can fill a wrap very tidily.  As you will find the deeper you go into it, the spiralizer scene is full of imaginative ideas on new ways to enjoy vegetables and be creative in the kitchen – there are literally hundreds of recipes out there, and probably hundreds more yet to be discovered.

How to find the right spiralizer for you

It goes without saying that to stay on top of modern recipes and today’s health food trends, you will be looking to buy a spiralizer. Indeed given their relatively low cost, it will often be taken as read by contemporary recipe writers that your kitchen is already furnished with one. Naturally an abundance of spiralizers and related products have come on the market with different features and ways of working; many of these are excellent, but of course regrettably with the success of the spiralizer has come a lot of cheap knock-offs that are not as good as the tried and tested reliable brand models.

This website aims to guide spiralizer users old and new to the cutting edge products (yes, pun again!) that will suit them best at the most affordable prices. In doing so, we will be presenting reviews and features of the latest products, describing their features and usefulness as accurately as we can. To provide the best possible service to the website visitor we have split the main body of the website into two reviews areas, one for products in the UK and Europe, and another for products in USA, as the spiralizer market shows distinct differences in popularity and distribution of products in different parts of the globe.

We hope that you enjoy this website, and take lots of interesting information away with you, not least a spiralizer too!


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