Whatever The Weather

A good shooting jacket needs to be warm and comfortable, but also practical and fit for purpose. If it looks good, then that’s a bonus! The Thurin jacket from Seeland is a cozy and quality number which any outdoors enthusiast should leap at the chance of acquiring. Just from outside appearances alone, this sure looks […]

Rubber wellies for luxurious feet

I’m not over-exaggerating if I were to say that a pair of high-end wellington boots would probably be my among my prize wardrobe possessions. Because if you haven’t tried walking in these, I’ve gotta say, you honestly haven’t lived: Imagine walking through the coldest grimmest muckiest bogs and trenches, but feeling like you are moving […]

Prepare For Blast Off!

There is a lot of investment to be made around safety when on the hunt, not just for preventing isolated incidents, but just as much keeping your health in tiptop shape. Shooting is undoubtedly a noisy process, and you are going to be discovering the rather nasty effects of ear damage if you don’t spend […]

Outdoor Elegance

Clothing for hunting is always an interesting toss-up between the practical and the sartorial. If we’re being pragmatic about it, it should be all about the practical, but of course you’re not going to perform as well if you’re constantly worried that your attire looks a bit rough and ready. So if you’re looking for […]

Don’t Just Keep Warm, Keep Dry

Snow was the flavour of the week, and whilst it looks great from a distance, or at least through a window, my experience of snow is generally one of slipping on icy paths and the simplest journey taking three times as long. Oh, and I nearly forgot, it’s so darn messy! It seems to be […]

Decanter For The Country Life

Yesterday I showed you some nice tumblers with pewter pheasant decorations. Well let’s keep the theme going – need a new decanter for the front room? This one has got all the perfect attributes – 85cl capacity and handmade of quality crystal: The detail at the bottom (which you might need to click on to […]

You Can’t Go Wrong With A Gift Like This

Over Christmas we are prone to having a tipple or two, with so many social engagements, invites and parties in the diary. Indeed, even if you’re at home on your own in front of the telly and fireplace, there’s just an uplifting spirit in the air to round off another successful year that you feel […]

Will You Fit Into These After Christmas?

Moleskin doesn’t get the love it deserves, its a great fabric for smart casual trousers and is certainly comfortable and stylish. Mens moleskin trousers, such as below, are perfect for those pre-Christmas drinks and dos where the mood is informal but at the same time everybody wants to look their smartest, upholding the pretense that […]

Great Box of Tricks

Being organised on outdoors activities is essential, and especially when carting around a major item such as a rifle, you need to have everything to hand to keep it safe and well maintained whilst out on the job – a toolbox for shooting as it were. And this fits the requirement perfectly: As you can […]

Open Wide!

The Gladstone bag is probably best associated with the medical profession, with the visiting doctor on call rushing into a bedroom clutching a smart leather bag bursting with equipment, notes and implements. In the bag world, it essentially refers to a bag where its depth proportionally exceeds its length. As you can see from the […]